Thursday to Sunday 7am to 4pm
Tuesday 7am to 4pm


  • m_Egg Florentine
    Eggs Florentine

    Two Poached Free Range Eggs Topped with Hollandaise Sauce Served on Toasted Organic Sourdough Bread, Wilted spinach & Garnished Cherry Tomato.

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    Scrambled/Poached Eggs

    Your choice of Eggs served on a bed of fresh Rocket accompanied with Grilled Tomato, Pan Tossed Mushroom and Sour Dough Bread.

  • m_Baked Egg
    Baked Egg

    Baked eggs with Tomato Reduction, Vegetarian Sausage, Parmesan, Danish Feta, Basil and Sourdough Toast.

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    Scrambled Tofu

    Delicious Scrambled Tofu with Mushroom, Onion, Baby Spinach served with Sourdough Bread.

  • m_Breakfast Quinoa
    Chef Special Pan fried Quinoa

    Organic Quiona with mushroom, Onion, Baby Spinach and a Free Range Fried Egg with Avocado.

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    Special Omelette

    Made with Free Range Eggs, Tomato, Tasty Cheese, Onion, Coriander, Spinach & Served with Sourdough Bread.

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    Winter Porridge

    Organic Oates Served with Mango, Mixed Berry and Banana Compote and Honey.

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    Invita Muesli

    Home Blended Organic Toasted Muesli with  Honey  Mixed with Dried  Fruit & Nut Served with Fresh Fruit, Yoghurt, Bio-Dynamic Milk & Honey.

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    Fruit Salad

    Bowl of Fresh Seasonal Fruits.  Yoghurt and Honey for another $2.00.

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    Special French Toast

    Sour dough French toast served with Organic Maple Syrup. Garnished with a Strawberry.

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    Toasted Cheese and Tomato Sandwich

    Toasted Sourdough Bread served with Grilled Tasty Cheese and Fresh Juicy Tomato

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    Fruit Toast (Contain Nuts)

    Toasted Sourdough Fruit Bread served with Butter.

  • booktables2

    Toasted Sourdough Bread served with Butter & Homemade Preserve.

  • coffee

    Grilled Tomato, Sliced Avocado, Baked Beans, Mushroom, Poached, Scrambled or Fried egg, Extra Slices of Bread, Preserve, Extra Butter.